tony shepperd

The extraordinary Tony Shepperd has been hosting Tech-Breakfast™ in sunny Burbank California for 20 years...and now Starchamber.TV is bringing it to you!

On Tech-Breakfast™, host Tony Shepperd provides the topics and fields questions in a ‘Town Hall’ setting 

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with multiple participants from different aspects of the technical side of the industry, inviting an open discussion of technology and methods...over breakfast.

Conversations are provocative, informative, and unabashed  - and cover topics that address the latest technological developments within the industry - and their fallout! Names are named, and included are thoughts on musical relevance, quality, durability, as well as the personalities who have defined the state of this critical aspect of the entertainment industries.

Guest types include:

  • Recording and Mixing Engineers

  • Record Producers

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Pro Audio Sales Reps

  • Audio Technicians

  • Artists

  • Songwriters

  • Sound Designers

  • Recording Studio Designers

  • Recording Studio Owners

  • Motion Picture Re-recording Mixers

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