Follow the Birth of the Next Great Band!

Nebula ushers audiences backstage as five musicians - independently chosen from thousands of applicants - come together as a band, ready to tour. Viewers will not only gain an unprecedented vantage point from which to observe the genesis and development of a real supergroup, but also directly participate in the group’s formation.

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Inside the Star Chamber

Behind every star, there is a skilled team, working on everything that gets heard and seen, and everything in between.

Music mastering legend Peter Doell takes us backstage with the people, personalities and celebrities of the music industry, inviting them to share their stories, passions and new releases.

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Peter Doell

Tech Breakfast

The extraordinary Tony Shepperd has been hostingTech-Breakfast™ in sunny Burbank California for 20 years...and now Starchamber.TV is bringing it to you! 

On Tech-Breakfast™, host Tony Shepperd provides the topics and fields questions in a ‘Town Hall’ setting with multiple participants from different aspects of the technical side of the industry, inviting an open discussion of technology and methods...over breakfast.

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Tony Shepperd
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